Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Quote of the Day - St. John of Damascus

This morning I ran across this quote from my patron, St. John of Damascus:

As regards what God is, it is impossible to say what he is in his essence, so it is better to discuss him by abstraction from all things. For he does not belong to the class of existing things, not because he does not exist, but because he transcends all existing things, even existence itself. For if all forms of knowing have to do with what exists, certainly that which transcends knowledge must certainly also transcend essence: and so conversely that which transcends essence will also transcend knowledge.

An Exact Exposition of the Orthodox Faith, 1.4

Many of you know that St. John wrote the Paschal Canon which in a few days we will hear. Here is a worthy, footnoted version of that Canon (in .pdf form) from Archimandrite Ephrem in England that you may find useful as we come into Holy Week [there are depths there which are easily missed by neophytes like me].

Holy St. John, pray for us!


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Oh, thank you for the link.

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