Friday, September 15, 2006

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone . . .

Oh ye who live in glass houses . . .

I had an object lesson today. I went over for a bite to eat . . . Friday fasting lunch no less . . . and then popped into the Apple Store in the shopping area and looked around. I was delighted to find Dr. Seuss' ABC program (my youngest, who has some motor problems, loves the video and the computer empowers him in many ways). On impulse I also purchased the 2007 Encyclopedia Britannica 'Ultimate DVD' program which has 'elementary, student, and adult' encyclopedae in it. Whoo-hoo!

So I take my little cool sack of goods, and proceed out onto the street where I am accosted by a woman with sores on her face, a handful of nickles and pennies, asking for money for lunch. I know this woman. She's hit me up before. I used to carry meal cards that were good for a hot meal and drink at a private cafe here in town that provides jobs for a few, meals for those with cards, or low cost meals for purchase. The last time we met I offered her one of these and I got a heap of abuse for offering (she doesn't like the place) and a refusal to take the coupon.

So here she is again . . . and I have no cards on me for meals . . . and suspicious me whose been around courthouses a long time sees her and says to m'self: 'meth addict' and I decide to tell her I'm sorry, not today.

She responds:

"Damnit . . . and you go to [the?] Church too, and you just bought yourself something, and just ate, didn't you? . . . God damn it!"

So I walked back with her curse reverberating in my mind . . . thinking about how smug I am blogging and worrying about the Antiochian Archdiocese's stance on Hizb Allah and where the aid money's going in Lebanon when I have no clue where my pocket money really goes on a given day, and how I might have just had a little brush with the accuser speaking through the mouth of this poor child of God. And now I sit wondering - do I get a gift certificate for her from a local food joint, or take a meal to her? And if she refuses that and curses me, as she has before, will I have the words of life to say to her on my lips?

Such are my thoughts on this Friday. Feed My sheep.

Adsum, Domine.


Blogger RW said...

I don't know what the answer is. I work in an area where I meet the same people day in and day day it was very cold and a man asked me for money to buy a I gave him money - then every day as I got off the bus he was there to walk me to work wondering if I could spare some change... at what point do you say "not today" ... I just stopped carrying cash so I could legitmately say I didn't have any spare change.

9:35 PM  
Blogger Hilarius said...

I understand that frustration and wondering what's an appropriate response . . . that's why I would be more inclined to buy the coffee, or food, than simply giving $$, but I try to realize that while I may not buy booze to support an alcohol habit or some such, I spend my money on all sorts of less than needful things as well.

Thanks for visiting and commenting, btw. I visited your site, and enjoyed reading the entries there.



2:50 PM  
Blogger Anne said...

Since we attend Holy Protectin in Queens, the foot traffic by the church is considerable. We have a pantry called Lazarus Pantry which is well stocked. My pantry pales in comparison. So I have been accosted by individuals requesting food for their grandchildren. When I directed them to Father, they told me that our pantry does not carry bread, milk and eggs which is correct. In answer to your dilemma, this was my rational thinking at the time. The woman had jewelry restricting her breathing, lipstick from ear to ear, and nail polish. I have never ever worn nail polish on the lower portions of my body and I probably only enhanced my nails twice in my life with a pearl sheen,when I was in love or thought I was in love. Case closed. If they want milk I will get the milk from the corner store. Or is it a different shade of pink they are thinking of? :)

8:03 PM  
Blogger Hilarius said...


Thank you for stopping by . . . I am certain that Holy Protection's Lazarus Pantry is a source of joy to the angels watching over your parish and our Lord. As for those who are upset about lack of eggs and milk, well, I suppose you could stock powdered milk, or condensed milk without refrigeration at the Pantry! But your solution is even better, to simply offer that you would get these things for them.

Take care and please visit again!


1:32 PM  

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